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Summer in Mattapoisett

Life on Ned's Point, Mattapoisett
Imagine this is your day. 
Your eyes open onto the blue water of Mattapoisett Harbor. Yachts are tethered to their moorings.  A boater pulls an oar.  A ship slips out the channel, under sail, headed toward the bell buoy at Nye’s ledge. 

 Up harbor, you see the old stone wharfs where whale ships where built more than a century ago. There is the bathing beach and the village, once home to sea captains, now a showplace for gardens and porches.  Toward the Bay, you see Ned’s Point Light, a welcome beacon for homebound sailors.
You take a cup of coffee onto the dock, put up your feet and wonder if you should have a swim at your private beach or fish off your private dock.  Maybe you brought a kayak, or  your yacht, which now sits a few strokes off the float.  Maybe you have a Whaler and plan to head out to Cleveland’s Ledge, named for the president who loved fishing there.  What about croquet on the lawn?  It is hard to know where to begin, but thinking long thoughts in the stillness of a seaside garden is so pleasant, you may just remain in your lounge chair.
But what if you get hungry?  Mattapoisett is an epicure’s delight with fine dining at Tastebuds.  Great eats like freshly baked breads and homemade soups, finest deli and salads are ready at Shipyard Galley.  Best seafood, including a spectacular sushi bar, awaits you at Turk’s.  Real handmade ice cream and a grill serving hot dogs, fried clams and lobster rolls is around the corner at Oxford Creamery.
You survey the weather.  Last night, while a bunch of you enjoyed cocktails on the dock, there was the most spectacular sunset – 360 degrees of vibrant magenta, tangerine and chartreuse – like you have never seen before.  Locals shrugged, saying it has something to do with the way the land lies, and extraordinary sunsets are pretty dependable in Mattapoisett.  
Sitting on those built in benches at the dock is a twilight moment you relish – hearing the light laughter of the children playing in the distance, because on this two acre lot, a family can have the space it needs -  laughing with good friends, watching the terns dive for minnows, seeing great spinnakers pull their yachts home now the race is through – and seeing the sky explode in color.  You recall the wisdom – red sky at night, sailors delight, and nod to the promise of a sunny day. 
Now, stepping onto the porch is your soul mate, who has been up before dawn, and this life partner of yours is bubbling over with so much enthusiasm, you need to tilt your head down and take a good pull of coffee. 
“You cannot believe what I did this morning,”  the story begins.  “ I was up at dawn, not sunrise, when you can actually see the edge of the sun, but real, astronomical dawn, when the sun just begins to light the sky.  That happens when the sun gets about 18 degrees within the horizon.”
And you stretch a bit on your lounge chair, so in love with this person, you will not let on how relieved you are that whatever was going on 18 degrees before sunset did not involve you.  But you smile softly and ask about it.
“Have you ever smelled beach roses in the dew?  Anyway, I got in a canoe and paddled out just a bit off shore and floated in the stillness, with the beacon of the lighthouse just cutting into the dusk air.   The moon was a hot white crescent on an electric blue sky.  Slowly the stars softened into that blue.  When the sun broke, it rose right behind the lighthouse, and the whole world awoke…then the birds…….and the shellfishers……”
And you smile with joy upon hearing this story.  Of course your joy is that you were able to locate the ideal summer vacation place, where the whole pack of you could be happy together while doing very separate activities.
But here the two of you sit talking about how the day will unfold.  You say, if the wind comes up hard from the southwest, as it is likely to do mid-afternoon – thermally driven wind is what makes Buzzard’s Bay the sailing capital of the world – you need to windsurf off Ned’s Point.  Everyone will be there.  Doctors and veterinarians leave work when the wind clocks up around twenty knots. 
Agreed.  Otherwise, there is tennis, golf and biking.  Or, how about a walk through the Commonwealth’s little known treasure, Nasketucket Bay State Reservation, a 200 acre preserve on one thousand feet of shoreline, full of flora and fauna and interesting habitat.   Or poking around in the Mattapoisett Historical Museum, , or the library,, or see what local artists are doing at Roger’s Gallery, and have coffee next door at the Nest Diner,<p>
Walk to Shipyard Park
for a band concert or square dance.  Or sit on the porch at the Inn and watch the action over a Guinness. 
Here’s a Mattapoisett classic night out.  Take the family to the Cathay Temple for the best Chinese food anywhere, and give the kids a few bucks to play candle pins in the adjacent bowling alley next door while the grown ups loll in grown up talk.
Or you could stay right here at the Stalls, steam up the fresh vegetables you picked up at the farm stand, grill the blue you landed off the dock,  and soak up another sunset, this time over a game of family croquet.
Mattapoisett offers tranquility, recreation, good nourishment and lots of family fun.

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